We offer professional photography with shots from the air taken using drones and new generation technology for any type of work from the air: panorama shots of entire lots and extensive plots of land, surveys and assessments, advanced worksite management, agricultural and environmental projects, videos and photos for sales of entire newly built residential complexes or barns, as well as many other examples.

High technology Surveillance and Measurements

Panoramas of entire lots and vast plots of land; studying and mapping perimeters and borders; identifying valleys, peaks, inconsistent and sensitive landscape features; tracking infrastructures, waterways and underlying utility supplies;  studying and monitoring highways; Scheduled flyovers for observing shade and sun exposure.

Surveying and Assessing

Immediate access to areas which are difficult to reach such as eaves, high ducts and drainpipes, roofs with poor access, aerial views for detecting defects and deterioration; studying high structures, facades, terraces and balconies; full access to roofs and aerial views for checking roof tops, protection layers in roofing, chimneys and skylights; surveillance of photovoltaic and solar power systems.

Highly Advanced Worksite Management

Overall aerial view of extensive worksites, access to difficult or no-access areas, monitoring overhead works, surveilling roofs and shelters when they are being layed and made, coordinating worksites from above, flyovers to view and constantly monitor provisional works, scaffolding and excavation works.

Agriculture and Green spaces

Owing to the versatile nature of drones, they can be used to mark out plots of land, check crops and their progress at various times during the year, with accessibility even to difficult areas, and to carry out an aerial check of plants.


Videos and photos for the sale of newly built residential complexes or barns in their entirety; promotional videos and photos for production, housing or commercial business activities and processes.



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